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Born from Clint Eastwood’s inspired vision and unwavering commitment to conservation and sustainability, Teháma is a last of its kind locale on the California coast with only 90 homesites—60 of which have already been sold. Now, Teháma is bringing to market its final phase of developer homesites, each meticulously etched into the community’s nearly 2,000 acres of untrammeled land. Providing the ultimate canvas to build one’s dream estate, this last phase of properties embodies our residents’ inimitable taste of luxury and lifestyle within the habitat that nature so gracefully intended.

The color palette was like Teháma, truly inspired by the land. I was on a discovery trip with my team and Alan Williams, the landscape architect and real visionary behind the property. We were on the top of a lot called, the Rock. The colors of the Earth were these rich burnt sienna and emerald tones so I reached down and scooped some rocks and took a picture. It is from the photo of the Earth that I derived the color palette.

For the typeface and illustrations, I wanted to incite a feeling of nostalgia. I wanted the type to feel old world meets new world. I chose NYT Cheltenham, Trade Gothic and Lamar Pen to accomplish this feeling. For the illustrations, I sketched Clint, Alan and the flora and fauna found at Teháma using a graphite brush in Adobe sketch with the iPad Pro and apple pencil.