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Visual Identity
Logo Design
App & Microsite UI/UX
Microsite Development
Art Direction
Social Media Content Creation

2016 - 2018



Spared was an iOS, Android and web application that aimed to help users pay off their student loans with their spare change. Spared allowed users to pay down their student loans, minimize interest charges and loan term by rounding up everyday transactions to the nearest dollar. For example, taco Tuesday with friends, $11.25, $0.75 automatically gets added to your student loans! Student loans on autopilot. Spared was integrated with nearly every loan provider in the country, making it simple and efficient to use.

At Spared, I was responsible for the creating the visual identity, tone and voice, art direction, ui/ux design of microsite, microsite development, email design and development, social media campaign creation as well as the product design for the iOS, Android and web application.

Character illustrations were done in collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer, Garrett Hamada.

Visual Identity
For the visual identity, I wanted Spared to come across as approachable, trustworthy and tongue in cheek because if you’re not laughing about the student debt crisis in the U.S., you are for sure in a mental spiral of dread over it.

The Web Application

The Mobile Application

The Microsite